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Newborn Session



Just an hour with newborn and parents.  (No siblings or extended family – for those please refer to our session pricing)
Must pre-book in advance.
Must pay for session at time of booking.

We will schedule a tentative date based on the due date and ask clients to call within 24-48 hours of having their baby so we can adjust the scheduling. It always seems to work out, not to worry!


Q -What if my baby is fussy? We will do our best…babies are unpredictable! You feed baby before we begin and we always start wrapped to keep them calm! 

Q – How many pictures do you take? As many as I can! You can have 10 included and upgrade if you would like.

Q – Do I choose props and outfits? As with all of our sessions yes – clients can choose  any outfit or prop. 

Q – An hour does not seem like much what if I want more?  In this case just book our session 2 option which is 90 minutes. 


Again it is best to schedule this type of session in advance. However, if you have a new born and would like to schedule, please message me and I will do my very best to accommodate you an make it happen. 

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